Easy onboarding for Arweave dApps

WeaveID lets you login to your Arweave wallet with an email address & password. Now you can access your favorite dApps from any device! 

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Just copy and paste

<script type="module" src="https://weaveid.io/js/embed.js" id="weaveid-include"></script>

One line of code

The "Login with WeaveID" button will appear wherever you include this. You can continue using Arweave JS like you normally would.


WeaveID comes packed with features, straight out of the box:

  • Works Anywhere

    Access the same wallet from desktop, mobile, & more.

  • Use Email & Password

    Users can use the standard email & password login flow.

  • Non-custodial

    We never receive your wallet’s private key in any form. You own your private key.

  • Supports multiple cryptos

    WeaveID can currently store AR. Soon we will be adding support for ETH, BTC & tokens too!

  • Easy-to-use

    A simple easy-to-use interface that resembles other Web3 flows which users are used to.

  • Mobile App

    We are working on releasing a standalone app for iOS & Android in Q1 2021.

Free for life

Improve your user onboarding today! No cost for developers. Just add the javascript snippet to your site to get started.
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$ 0 per month

Perfect for developers
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    Use on unlimited websites
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    Onboard unlimited users
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    Easy to use

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